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CoppellCo FaceShields

Insul-Fab has a sprawling factory in Coppell that is usually busy making things the public doesn't see, like insulation, foams and adhesives. But now, the company has retooled a production line to make sanitary, medical-grade face shields.

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Find out how products from Acu-Gage Systems can also help measure machines to determine which one is running most accurately, and which one needs to be serviced.

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Should You Upgrade

The decision to refurbish rather than replace aging equipment can save costs, but what about keeping up with the latest technology and quality improvements?

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Pacific States Felt and Mfg. Co., Inc. has installed a 2-axis automated Acu-Gage System at their corporate facility in Hayward, CA setting new efficiency and volume standards in tooling and parts production.

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Concote Corporation recently installed a large format 2-axis automated Acu-Gage System at their main facility in Coppell, TX.

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