Automated Acu-Gage Video Model
The solution for customers who require high volume measurement throughput


The automated Acu-Gage multi-axis model (either 2-Axis or 3-Axis) is the solution for customers who require high volume measurement throughput.  Our programming software allows for data capture to Excel or our SPC software.  Tier 1 automotive suppliers use Acu-Gage to generate PPAP data.  Six Sigma operations rely on Acu-Gage for accurate process control information.  Medical suppliers depend on Acu-Gage to meet rigid tolerance standards.

Customers also use the automated Acu-Gage for offline programming (very beneficial in the gasket, sheet metal, and printed circuit board industries) and reverse engineering.  Special edge detection tools provide very fast “optical scanning” of profile shapes, for direct output to CAD.  Fast accurate prototyping and short run production capability gives our customers the chance to be “fast to market” with new products, exploiting new opportunities such as aftermarket and replacement parts.  Your Acu-Gage will provide you with a competitive advantage to grow your business.