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Today's Concerns Coppell Company Produces Medical Face Shields
Insul-Fab has a sprawling factory in Coppell that is usually busy making things the public doesn't see, like insulation, foams and adhesives. But now, the company has retooled a production line to make sanitary, medical-grade face shields.
Podcast IADD Podcast:
Die-Verse Talks
Find out how products from Acu-Gage Systems can also help measure machines to determine which one is running most accurately, and which one needs to be serviced.
Upgrades Should You Upgrade or Buy New CMM Equipment?
The decision to refurbish rather than replace aging equipment can save costs, but what about keeping up with the latest technology and quality improvements?
Volume Pacific States Felt Installs Automated Acu-Gage System
Pacific States Felt and Mfg. Co., Inc. has installed a 2-axis automated Acu-Gage System at their corporate facility in Hayward, CA setting new efficiency and volume standards in tooling and parts production.
Reputation Concote Corp installs a large format Acu-Gage System in Texas
"We decided on Acu-Gage because of their reliability, reputation and the excellent follow-up service we have always received from them," says Shelby Ricketts, President and CEO.
Quality Control National Steel Rule Installs Automated Acu-Gage System
"The Acu-Gage has allowed us to examine our products and tooling like never before. We're now able to identify and correct potential problems before they are even visible to the naked eye..."
Quality 32 Year Old System
Since June of 1986, a manual 36” X 36” video-based measuring system manufactured by Acu-Gage Systems is still in daily service...
Precision ACU-THIK™ Automated Thickness Measurement
ACU-THIK™ is an automated thickness measurement tool incorporating dual contact probes for high accuracy inspection of semiconductor wafers.
News Enigma Interconnect Installs Acu-Gage Measuring System
Acu-Gage Systems has announced that Enigma Interconnect has installed an automated 24” x 24” Acu-Gage System at its corporate manufacturing operation in Burnaby, BC.
Versatile Daktronics Installs Acu-Gage Large Format Automated Measuring System
Acu-Gage Systems has announced that Daktronics Inc. (DAKT) has installed a fully automated 36” x 36” Acu-Gage System at its corporate manufacturing operation in Brookings, SD.