ConoVision - Multi-Sensor Models
Exacting precision for end users seeking accuracy for any 3-d measuring needs


The Acu-Gage ConoVision model offers exacting precision, high point volume laser measurement for end users seeking accuracy for their 3-d measuring needs.  Unlike other laser measuring devices that incorporate a lower resolution triangulation laser to their systems, Acu-Gage utilizes a patented thru-the-lens laser for high resolution 3-d laser scanning.  The Optimet dynamic laser measurement sensor scans at a rate of 3,500 points per second, generating a point cloud much denser than that from any conventional touch probe CMM.  More points yields a truer definition of the measured part.

Our customers include military operations, fuel cell manufacturers, semi-conductor providers, and high accuracy medical applications.  ConoVisions reverse engineer cutting tools used in fabricating jet engine turbine blades, compare high volume 3-d point clouds to CAD files in molded plastic parts, and scan special paper weaves used in manufacturing passports and currency.  Where 3-d accuracy is critical on intricate and complex parts, the Acu-Gage ConoVision offers a valuable solution.  Touch probes can be integrated to accommodate blind features.

PDF ConoVision Brochure