Concote Corporation recently installed a large format 2-axis automated Acu-Gage System at their main facility in Coppell, TX. Pictured below, this reconditioned Acu-Gage has a measuring capacity of 46" x 46", and is configured with the IK5OOO programming software running on Windows 7, a digital color camera incorporating video edge detection, 2-axis CNC linear motor control system, programmable zoom, programmable LED top & bottom illumination, and automatic data capture to Excel.

A System User's Perspective

"We decided on Acu-Gage because of their reliability, reputation and the excellent follow-up service we have always received from them," says Shelby Ricketts, President and CEO. "Our main objective was to have our programs and data networked rather than stand-alone, but we also considered the system's enhanced programming throughput and several new features that have sped up our inspections."

Concote Corp. took advantage of Acu-Gage Systems’ trade-in program which is unique to the high-accuracy coordinate measuring machines industry. The company traded in their manually operated system and upgraded to a fully automated Acu-Gage, significantly improving operational accuracy and throughput.

Jack Kane, Acu-Gage Systems President said, "We are very pleased to announce the newest Acu-Gage installation at Concote. They bought their first manual Acu-Gage in 1991 and this is their third Acu-Gage system, and second automated model. I've seen Concote evolve from a material slitter to a premier provider of parts to the aerospace, military, and HVAC industries. I consider the Concote quality team to be 'power users’ of the IK5OOO programming software, and they have implemented one of the most robust quality systems in the country. It has always been an honor and privilege to work with the Concote team, and I look forward to continuing to support their quality program for decades to come."

About Concote Corp

Concote Corporation is a privately-held corporation with a global customer base. Headquartered in Coppell, Texas, they also maintain smaller production facilities in Tyler, Texas and in Monterrey, Mexico. Concote manufactures and converts foam goods, rubber products, fiberglass, plastics, adhesives and other composite materials which serve primarily as acoustic, thermal and electrical barriers and insulators.

Concote’s value proposition is to provide unique, economical customer-based solutions. Their simple mission is to be a cutting edge, global fabricator and distributor of foams, insulation materials, plastics and adhesives. For more information, visit www.concote.com, call (800) 442-1338, or write to 600 Freeport Parkway, Suite 150, Coppell, TX 75019.

Questions or comments related to this news release may be directed to Jack Kane, President of Acu-Gage Systems. He may be contacted by telephone at (603) 622-2481.