A little TLC extends video-based measuring system life indefinitely...

Since June of 1986, a manual 36” X 36” video-based measuring system manufactured by Acu-Gage Systems is still in daily service over 31 years later and performing with the same precision accuracy that we expect from new machines!

While some of the components have been upgraded such as a new camera, new X/Y digital readout with data backup, a digital crosshair and flat screen monitor, all of the original mechanicals remain in place. At the most recent service visit in June 2017, this Acu-Gage machine calibrated to an accuracy of +/- 0.0005” over its entire measuring capacity!

The best part of this story is that our customer considered replacing the machine at a significant cost. However, the company realized that by upgrading the optics and some electronics, it would provide reliable measurements for perhaps decades longer, provided the system is maintained according to the service schedule.

The key is providing proper maintenance to the system which, thankfully, had been done on the 31-year-old CMM. Jack Kane, Acu-Gage Systems President, states, “We are very proud and pleased to recognize this noteworthy achievement. The consistent performance of the Acu-Gage System is due to the durability of the mechanical design and it also bears witness to the faithfulness of the user in maintaining the machine in accordance with the prescribed maintenance program.”