What Makes Acu-Gage UniqueAbout Us

•    Sell Standard, Custom and Remanufactured Equipment

•    Manufacture the largest designs in the industry

•    Multi-Sensor availability: Video, Laser, Touch Probe

•    Remanufacture / Update YOUR EXISTING EQUIPMENT at half the price of new equipment

•    Acu-Gage has repurchase / trade-in plans available for the purchase of new, larger or more sophisticated equipment

•    Acu-Gage is designed such that all upgrade options are field retrofittable to existing platforms

•    Free component loaners available if a failure occurs after the expiration of the warranty

•    Ease of programming; the software is more intuitive than other brands

•    There is no annual software support and upgrade fee, which saves you up to $2,000 / year

•    Free software upgrades for the life of the equipment

•    Free telephone programming / trouble shooting

•    NIST traceable annual maintenance and recalibration by the factory technicians who build the equipment

•    Same day service in most cases

•    Advanced training programs available at your facility after the initial training period

•    Extended warranty plans available

•    Contract inspection to help customers during peak measuring periods

•    Vacuum tables / platens for flattening film, paper or thin foil

•    Lower total life cycle costs than the competition

•    Higher percentage system “up time” than the competition

Our service package is designed to be your partner for the life of the equipment.


AGS History

Ocean Industries, LLC. was founded in 1981 by Steve Bromley.  Steve went on to co-found Metronics in 1983.  At the time, Ocean Industries made manual one and two-axis video measuring systems only.  Acu-Gage’s measuring capacities were larger than an optical comparator and offered both profile and surface measuring.

In 1990, Ocean Industries was purchased by John Kane.  John’s background was as a senior manager with General Electric, where he spent 25 years in a variety of positions.  John worked in aircraft engine, in naval ordnance, and in consulting.  After leaving GE, John was a senior vice president with a privately held consortium of manufacturing companies.  The decision was made after purchasing the company to do business as Acu-Gage Systems.

In 1992, Acu-Gage introduced our first automated machine incorporating the QC4000 metrology software package.  This automated Acu-Gage incorporated a Windows-based software program, automatic video edge detection, full CNC motion control, and automatic data capture to Excel or SPC packages.  Over time, Z-Axis functionality and programmable zoom were added to enhance the functionality of the Acu-Gage for our customers.  Acu-Gage also introduced the concept of forward compatibility to our base manual design, allowing end-users the option of purchasing a manual machine now while retaining the option to upgrade that same Acu-Gage to an automated system later.  These on-site retrofits have given our customers flexibility and a least cost option to adapt their Acu-Gage to their current needs as their business measuring requirements change.  Acu-Gage’s retrofit program continues to this day.

Acu-Gage has continuously evolved the design of the base platform to enhance the accuracy and durability of our models.  Our bearing rails have changed from recirculating ball bearings on a rounded stainless steel shaft to a square rail design, resulting in a 10-fold improvement in accuracy.  Our mechanical drive systems have changed, resulting in an 8 to 15-fold improvement in traveling speed when in CNC mode.  Our cameras have evolved from manual only zoom systems to programmable motorized zoom lenses, offering multiple zoom settings within a single measurement cycle and without requiring the operator to recalibrate his automatic video edge detection with each zoom change.

With the advent of the Quadra-Chek 5000, Acu-Gage has added multiple sensors to our existing video system in order to accommodate applications that require 3-dimensional gaging.  We incorporate Renishaw for touch probe functions on machined parts or parts with blind elements.  For non-contact 3-D inspection, Acu-Gage has interfaced the Optimet laser, utilizing conoscopic holography, which gives the Acu-Gage full contouring capability.  This is especially useful for reverse engineering, as well as high end research and development projects.  Acu-Gage has added the Q-Axis rotary staging, for 3-dimensional scans requiring multiple orientations, such as on cutting tools or molded parts.

To date, Acu-Gage Systems has close to 1000 machines installed in over 30 different countries.  We have dealers that service and support our products in the Far East, in Europe, in South America, and throughout North America.  Our corporate partner, Heidenhain, has sales offices throughout the world.  This is all part of our company philosophy to provide great value as a CMM to our customers, matched with a commitment of long term support for our software and our machines.  We vow that every Acu-Gage system will be a productive asset for every Acu-Gage client.