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Acu-Gage Systems, a division of Ocean Industries, LLC, has manufactured non-contact coordinate measuring machines (CMM’s) for more than 25 years. Our large format non-contact inspection equipment provides our diverse customer base with the most dynamic and cost-justified process and manufacturing quality control system in use today.  The Acu-Gage offers more measuring capacity than an optical comparator as well as faster inspection throughput than conventional touchprobe CMM’s.

There are close to 1000 Acu-Gage Systems installed world wide, in a variety of applications where traceable, precise production measurements are demanded.  These include medical, printed circuit board, chemical milling, automotive, aerospace, molded plastic, and machined parts.  Acu-Gage is used to inspect mag stripes on the back of credit cards, lithographic images on beverage cans, components used in neurological testing, extruded rubber seals for the automobile manufacturers, and tooling used in manufacturing jet engine turbine blades.

Our metrology software is proven, powerful and “bulletproof”.  Your Acu-Gage will provide a greater level of analytical power to your production quality assurance.  Acu-Gage’s metrology software links design (with powerful reverse engineering tools), production (with automatic programming from CAD for fast first article inspection), and shipping (verifying lot samples with automatic data capture to Excel or SPC, for high-volume inspection customer requirements).  Our free software upgrades will extend the life and technical support of your Acu-Gage.  Acu-Gage offers annual on-site calibration services for all of our customers in North America and beyond.  Our factory technician field service helps ensure that your Acu-Gage will continue to be a productive and positive asset for your quality program for many years beyond your initial purchase.

What Makes Acu-Gage Unique

We are dedicated to producing exceptional equipment and delivering outstanding after sales service.

Our service package is designed to be your partner for the life of the equipment.

We vow that every Acu-Gage system will be a productive asset for every Acu-Gage client.

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