usbureauengravingprintingAcu-Gage Systems, a manufacturer of one, two and three axis non-contact video and laser measuring system machines has delivered and installed a total of twelve (12) units to the US Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP).

The original order was for five (5) units with an option for four (4) additional units which was exercised and Acu-Gage completed in 2012. The Acu-Gage Systems proved to be so effective that BEP ordered three (3) additional units in 2013, which have been delivered and installed. The total installed base now consists of seven (7) units in Washington, DC and five (5) units in Fort Worth, TX.

Acu-Gage Systems supplied fully automated (CNC, automatic video edge detection, programmable zoom, Z auto focus capabilities and specialized fluorescent lighting) 3 axis systems, which are being used to inspect the registration and alignment of all denominations of United States paper currency. These twelve (12) systems provide the latest highly advanced and accurate dimensional measuring to BEP. Ten (10) of the systems have a measuring capability of 36” X 36” X 7” and two (2) have a 48” X 48” X 7” measuring range.

At the request of BEP, Acu-Gage designed and developed a vacuum table with specialized hole patterns that allow BEP to effectively ensure flatness of inked sheets during the inspection process.

In addition, Acu-Gage Systems has delivered an identical unit (36” X 36” X 7”) to Crane in Dalton, MA. Crane produces the rag paper sheets used in the currency printing operation.

Acu-Gage Systems, manufacturer of the largest video/laser inspection systems, is a privately owned company specializing in non-contact video and laser dimensional inspection systems since 1981. For over thirty years, Acu-Gage has been producing measuring systems for the printing, medical, printed circuit board, sheet metal, military, aerospace, steel rule die, and many other discrete piece part manufacturing operations.  Systems are configured to the end-users’ requirements and can be one, two or three axes of measurement.  Manual or fully automated and can range in X and Y sizes from 12” X 12” to 48” X 96” with optional Z capability as required. Larger specials are available upon request.